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    The Greatest ROI You Can Find Is the Right Software

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    Drew Bolles

    Oct 20, 2021 · 4 mins

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    Adopting new software solutions brings lots of benefits to your organization, and that means not taking the leap because of team indecision can end up costing you. 

    Key takeaways:

    • The benefits of incorporating a software include more efficient processes, cost savings, time savings, and more.
    • The costs of not adopting such solutions range from financial to psychological.
    • You can address the risks by working under a monthly plan and aligning teams on the rollout.
    • A minimal monthly fee for a software is more than worth it to solve a business problem.

    There’s nothing worse than seeing symptoms in your business and not knowing how to address the cause or find the right solution. Software may be the answer.

    Integrating new software solutions is one of the most effective ways businesses can improve brand awareness and keep growing. Incorporating CRM software has been shown to increase lead conversion, sales, and sales productivity by 30% each, for example, plus boost business revenue by up to 25%. That’s because such software helps businesses streamline and automate tasks, manage customer information more efficiently, and establish a stronger online presence.

    Software integration isn’t always easy, so you may be wary of the costs of introducing a technology unfamiliar to the team. There are also costs of not integrating a new business solution, however. Here’s what you need to know about the value of new business tools and how they help grow the bottom line.

    Benefits of a new software

    Implementing anything new takes research and a budget assessment, but a software can deliver these key benefits when you know something needs to change:

    • Making a process more efficient
    • Saving the money that would have gone to hiring a staff member
    • Using automation to streamline workflows
    • Avoiding a steep learning curve
    • Integrating a new technology so your business become more tech-savvy 
    • Generating many more leads and conversions
    • Increasing revenue
    • Establishing a better brand identity across online channels

    It’s important to first define your pain point to find the right software to solve the problem. You need to be sure the solution is different enough from your current setup to actually move things in a new direction. It may be time to reevaluate the tools you have in place and see if another option delivers more value. You may have adopted a solution based on its prevalence in your market without truly identifying if it was the right fit for your operations, for example. Now is the time to re-examine.

    Each new solution will have its own set of pros. Make sure the new option will be a better fit for your operations before diving in.

    Identify the costs of not making these changes

    Now, there are some costs when you don’t implement or fully embrace a new software. Costs of not moving forward are:

    • Financial – Failing to embrace new technologies and integrate better solutions means the business is missing out on the cost savings that comes with improved processes. You will also lose out on the leads and customers that the new CRM or marketing software delivers.
    • Psychological – Think about the stress team members may be experiencing because of the hefty processes or business struggles you haven’t been able to solve. It is a lot more psychologically costly to have that stress hanging over the team than to wrap your mind around a new software solution.
    • The agony factor – Introducing a business software takes time and effort, and it’s easy to avoid adoption because of the potential “agony factor.” Focusing on the misery of updating means ignoring the future problems that will come without a better business solution, however. Issues only increase in magnitude the longer they go unaddressed. That is the real agony factor. 

    These real business costs show you what you’ll lose if you’re unwilling to adopt software solutions to improve business operations.

    Address risks head on

    There are going to be risks with any new technology adoption. Hiccups happen that will delay adoption across the company, even with a realistic timeline in place. You may also worry that the process will simply not be worth the cost. 

    Today’s software providers offer month-to-month arrangements that help you avoid long-term commitments, however. This means the financial risk is minimal, and you can always decide to reduce services or go with another provider if things go south. Approach new technology like you’re just trying it out and aren’t committing to something big. Remember that paying a minimal monthly fee is more than worth it to solve a business problem, period.

    It’s also crucial that everyone is in constant communication during adoption. All departments and staff that will be using the software need to be on the same page with the person implementing it and delivering training. Everyone involved should know the timeline for rollout and their role in it, as well.

    Partnering with a consultant means you have someone on your team to help you avoid a steep learning curve and the accompanying fatigue. Implementation takes time and energy, after all, so work with someone with the industry experience to make the transition faster and smoother.

    The Bolles Media differentiator

    Bolles Media is an experienced digital marketing and advertising firm that delivers custom solutions to clients, whether you need an integration with a CRM, revamped SEO tools, or a new overall digital marketing strategy. 

    Our expert team identifies a business’s key challenges and nails down the most efficient way to solve them, then tailors our services to meet each of those needs. When we recommend a type of software to integrate, we do so from experience using these solutions ourselves.

    Bolles Media presents the most efficient solutions so you can stop suffering from the same ongoing problems. Reach out to us today to set up a free consultation.

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