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You Need Better Marketing Solutions

Planning and executing the right marketing strategy takes time, industry expertise, and a deep understanding of your audience. Lots of companies face challenges with this, though, including:

  • Not Knowing Market Trends - In order to set realistic goals and expectations, you need to You may not have a plan in place to watch what your competitors are doing or what your customers really want. This requires ongoing market research.
  • You’re Wasting Money - Sometimes you may feel like all the money you’re throwing at marketing just isn’t getting you anywhere. You need a more targeted, cost-effective solution to getting leads.
  • No Data to Back Up Your Strategy - Today’s marketers know how important data is to business success. You need to gather and analyze consumer and company info so you know what’s working and what isn’t.

Bolles Media brings you expertise in each of these areas. We understand the digital marketing landscape and put our heads together to help your brand stand out against the competition. We work hard to create the right content and strategy so you get more leads and conversions.

Digital Marketing Solutions from Bolles Media

We are a team of expert creatives that have made a living with hard work and thinking out side the box. We're not just marketers, dBolles Media knows digital marketing and advertising. We help your company keep its campaigns on track to meet your goals and keep growing. Our team delivers:

  • Market and Competitive Analysis - Our industry experience means we can – and will – assess the market and your competition when coming up with the right plan.
  • Cost Efficiency - We quickly find out which marketing channels will help you reach your target audience so you’re never wasting time or money on unnecessary campaigns.
  • Custom Digital Marketing Strategy - We use market and consumer data to craft a tailored strategy that will get your business the results it needs. This includes content and messaging that will boost your promotions and resonate with your customers.

When you need knowledge of current trends, decision-making expertise, and a creative mindset, you need to work with an expert that can deliver the results you want. Get started with a better digital marketing strategy by scheduling your free consultation with Bolles Media.

Featured Case Study

Helping GenePace Laboratories Get Indianapolis Back On Its Feet

GenePace Laboratories is brand new medical lab that was founded to help tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. They are founded and led by a team of physicians, diagnostic experts, and veteran entrepreneurs who came together with the goal to help the mid-west and rest of the country return to normal life safely and securely. They provide accurate and on-time COVID-19 testing, as well as full-service consulting and program management for industries and schools.

We built them a brand new website, created and ran their social media accounts, and drove their marketing and content strategy. We are very proud of the work we did with GenePace Labs!

  • 5K+Increased unique visitors per month
  • 300+Appointment bookings per month
  • 100%Increase in mobile traffic
  • 6k+Patients tested for COVID-19

Why People Turn to Bolles Media for Digital Marketing

Our team has worked on major projects and with renowned brands. When you work with us, you get:

  • Decades of combined experience (our CEO has been working with Bolles Media for 13+ years)
  • Results-oriented services
  • Honest, valuable feedback
  • Customized strategies for your unique business
  • Experience with small and large businesses (even Fortune 500 companies)
  • The right blend of design, creativity, and strategy

Bolles Media stands apart with a small team that delivers dedicated, high-quality digital marketing experiences for your brand. Our custom campaigns will help you generate more leads and build a stronger online presence. Schedule a free consultation with Bolles Media today!