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    How ClickCease Prevents Click Fraud and Saves Your Ad Spend

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    Jul 15, 2021 · 4 mins

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    Click fraud is a pervasive issue for advertisers and costs the industry billions. ClickCease can help you get your wasted ad spend back.

    Key takeaways:

    • Click fraud costs the ad industry billions of dollars each year and continues to be a big problem.
    • ClickCease stops click fraud by blocking unauthorized IPs and giving you greater visibility.
    • Lower ad costs, increase conversions, and get cleaner data with ClickCease.
    • Consult Bolles Media to help you sign up.

    Digital advertising has become the norm for brands as it is cost-effective and allows for better ad targeting via online consumer data. But one hiccup that continues to challenge the industry is click fraud.

    Click fraud occurs when sources click on PPC ads with no intention of buying to make advertisers pay for those clicks. These fraudulent clicks can come from click farms, fraud rings, competitors, web crawlers, or even by accident. Malicious bots, unfortunately, make up 24.1% of website traffic, according to Imperva data.

    As mentioned, click fraud may also occur due to accidental clicks: those that occur without any malicious intent and are performed by genuine customers. Unfortunately, brand competitors will also engage in click fraud to try to get you to waste your PPC ads budget.

    Whatever the cause, click fraud can cause extreme consequences. One study estimated that it costs advertisers $35 billion in 2020. On top of driving up costs for advertisers, it also gets in the way of accurate marketing data. Without accurate data, marketers start to make decisions based on bad information.

    These problems are precisely why products like ClickCease have come onto the market. This guide will help you understand why you should be using ClickCease.

    How does ClickCease work?

    A tool like ClickCease prevents click fraud so you never have to worry about losing ad money and getting the wrong customer information. The platform monitors your website traffic and if your predetermined criteria are not met, the user’s IP is automatically blocked and they won’t see an ad again.

    Signs that a user is fraudulent include:

    • They’ve clicked on lots of ads in quick succession
    • They leave your site too quickly
    • They come from an unapproved geo-location
    • They come from a fraudulent IP range
    • They are using VPN software to get around other blocks

    These are all signs that a user is fraudulent and they are exactly what ClickCease looks for. The tool will automatically send bad IPs to be excluded in Google Ads and everything is updated in real-time to further avoid risks.

    Beyond fraudulent users, ClickCease also monitors for the same user clicking your ad multiple times. Even if they are a real potential buyer, they’ve already opened your site a few times and you don’t necessarily need to keep spending your ad money trying to get them to your site via the search results page. ClickCease protects against fraudulent sources ranging from competitors to brand haters to click farms.

    Benefits of ClickCease

    Because ClickCease monitors for the above issues and fraudulent activities, you’ll see much cleaner data, lower costs, and increased conversions each day. This is largely because it gives you the right kind of visibility into your PPC ads so you always know what’s going on behind the scenes. You can monitor what’s working and what isn’t and make adjustments accordingly.

    Unfortunately, Google Ads continues to increase in price to stay competitive so saving money wherever you can is no small consideration. Some keywords are even running over $5 per click. With higher prices like these, you need to be sure you’re getting qualified leads, filtering out traffic that isn’t doing you any favors, including fraudulent or accidental clicks.

    ClickCease will also help you uncover who is bidding on your keywords by giving you competitor notifications. You can outsmart your competitors by improving your ads with the facts. All click fraud reporting can be viewed in your ClickCease dashboard for simple processing.

    Before you commit to a fraud solution for your business, remember that platforms and software usually come with a cost. But, consider just how much you could save when you have a tool working for you to prevent fraud. Click fraud is much more costly to your business, especially when you start using bad data generated by these fraudulent clicks that starts to infiltrate your systems.

    Bolles Media is here to help

    ClickCease prevents click fraud and unnecessary clicking so that your ad spend isn’t through the roof and you can get better leads. When you have questions about using ClickCease, work with the team at Bolles Media who can help you get signed up. We help businesses like yours improve their marketing approach and online presence with the right strategies and tools at their fingertips.

    Fill out our simple form today to get started with our team of experts.

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